Portable Landing Zone
and Scene Safety Kit
Flight Site portable helicopter landing kit

Identifies helicopter landing zones safely and effectively.

Easy to use, quick to deploy, many diverse applications.

$229.95 to $249.95

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Flight System / Hospital
Custom Purchase
Flight Site hospital custom purchase

Great promotional opportunity.

Upgrade old methods of using flares and traffic cones for identifying LZs.

Significant pricing discounts.

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Landing Zone
Retrofit Package
Flight Site retrofit landing LED light modules

Convert your exsisting strobe Flight Site Landing Zone Kit to our new LED modules.

And do it for half the cost of a complete LED Flight Site Kit.


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Traffic Control
Landing Zone Kit
Safety Site Traffic Control Landing Zone Kit

The safe and environmentally correct alternative for portable safety lighting..

Great for temporary warnings.


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Door Ease
Target Exit Device
Door Ease Target Exit Device

Marks entry points, exit points, and searched areas for Fire and Emergency personnel in low visibility applications.

Offers an added edge of safety in critical situations.

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Door Ease
Trac Pak Exit Device
Door Ease track pack exit device

Door Ease is a true Target Exit Device.

Holster attaches to Fire Fighters SCBA waist strap, bail out harness and radio or flashlight strap.

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Safety Baton
PolyBrite Safety Batons

Offers the most professional and advanced illumination for signaling on the market.

Ideal for directing traffic and capturing attention.


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Traffic Diverting KitTraffic diverting kit

Affordable and highly effective traffic warning kits.

Great for alerting motorists of hazardous conditions and marking work site areas.

$119.95 to $219.95

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