Door Ease Trac Pak

Priority 1 Life Safety would like to thank ABC/ESPN television and VP Chris Mallory and all the people who worked with us to develop this video.

We would also like to thank Lt. Charles Atzbach of the Town of Manchester Fire Rescue Department.

And for the support and input from FDNY R & D Division and the City of Houston Fire Department.

  Video above: Firefighter Tribute and Door Ease Trac Pak Target Exit Device Operational Concept

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Door Ease Trac Pak Egress Identifying Safety System and Target Exit Device

Safety Orientated Operational Concept

Door Ease is a true Target Exit Device, designed to greatly improve fire ground interior operations by quickly identifying entry and exit points and illuminating travel routes. Now with the introduction of the Trac Pak holster from 5.11, Tactical it is a true Safety Orientated Operational Concept.

Door Ease actually uses the smoke as an illuminator. Other useful applications: Enhance RIT Operations (Rapid Intervention Teams or F.A.S.T. teams), marking searched areas, or use as a flashlight. Operates for 21+ hours on 3 standard AAA batteries.

Door Ease was designed and has endorsements from this country's best known fire instructors.

Safety Orientated Operational Concept Benefits

  • Increases safety during interior fire ground operations.
  • Higher confidence levels.
  • Improved task function productivity.
  • Orientation to egress points.
  • Creates a virtual illuminated entry/exit route.

TRAC PAK Holster Benefits

  • Attaches to Fire Fighters SCBA waist strap, bail out harness and radio or flashlight strap.
  • Glove friendly design for ease of product unit deployment.
  • Lightweight and low profile.

Applications of Door Ease

  • Enhances all fire ground operations: Residential, High Rise, Commercial, Large Areas.
  • Improves RIT/FAST team functions.
  • Safety Beacon for roadway incidents.

The Concept & Deployment of the "Crumb Theory"

The concept and deployment of the Crumb Theory

As a search and rescue team progresses into an active structure fire they deploy Door Ease from their Trac Pac holsters.

In the picture example, is a simple 3 unit residential deployment, in which 1 unit is placed at the entry door, the second is placed at the top of the stair landing, and the third unit is placed at the door of the room to be searched.

This simple 3 unit deployment, ensures a well defined and illuminated entry and exit route through the thickest smoke conditions.

This concept will ensure higher confidence levels within the S/R team which in turn equates into greater task function productivity and piece of mind to the rescuers performing the search.

Manufactured by

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc. - The Leaders in Emergency Warning

Made in the U.S.A.

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