Flight System / Hospital Custom Purchase Program

Flight Site Landing Zone kit

Excellent Promotional Opportunity

We would like to help your organization bring a safer, more effective landing zone deployment system to your response area. While at the same time increasing your PR with emergency responders in your service area.

The Right Tool for Fire / EMS Agencies

Flight Site is the future of safe, hazard-free LZ's. Tested and recommended by EMS pilots from the smallest to the largest flight services nationwide, with thousands in service. Flight Site makes deploying an LZ fast, effective, easy and affordable.

  • Ensures a Safe, Effective, and Standardized Landing Zone Identification
  • Direct Pilots With Precision Guidance
  • Save Precious Life Saving Time Identifying The Landing Zone

Still Using Flares?

If the agencies in your area are still using flares or traffic cones to designate LZ's, we recommend you talk to us about our Flight System / Hospital Special Purchase Program.

This program is an excellent promotional opportunity to increase your area request for medivac response.

Custom Program Includes

  • Free custom embroidered logo and dispatch phone number on each bag
  • Choice of bag colors (choose from Royal, Navy, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, or Red)
  • Significant pricing discounts
  • 24-hour Customer Service Assistance (As seen at AMTC conferences)

Flight Site is the Best Selling Portable Helicopter Landing Zone Kit in the World!

  • Pilot tested and approved
  • Easy to use and quickly deployed
  • 12,800 foot ceiling
  • Enhances your medivac/rescue delivery
  • Many diverse applications
  • Very affordable
  • Proven system - over 28,000 kits currently in service
  • Outstanding contribution to medivac and rescue teams

Flight Site has become standard use for emergency service organizations worldwide.

This special kit allows your organization not only a great promotional opportunity but it will also ensure a safe and easy landing zone for your flight crews to fly to.

Custom Fight System Flight Site Includes

  • 1 CARRYING BAG with Flight system/Organization logo and dispatch phone # embroidered on bag (7 bag color choices)
  • 4 AMBER LENSES  (for four corner marking)
  • 1 RED LENSE  (for wind direction or center marking)
  • 5 WEIGHTWASHERS  (for stabilizing strobes)

Ask how we can customize Flight Site with your Hospital or Organizations Logo and dispatch phone number on the bag color of your choice.

Also Available

  • Lens Colors available in Clear, Amber, Blue, Red, and Green
  • Flight Site is also available using LED lighting modules

Special Promotional Pricing

Call or Email for published pricing.

  • 5-9 Kits
  • 10-24
  • 25-49
  • 50-99
  • 100+

Great for promotional giveaway programs or resale to emergency service (Fire/EMS) agencies at a reduced cost to them off our regular MSRP.

If It Doesn't Say "Flight Site"... It Has Not Been Pilot Tested and Approved

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